Quran Memorization course

Quran Memorisation course

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This is the perfect course for people who aspire to be Hafiz/Hafiza of the Holy Quran. It is a perfect first step to your lifelong Quran memorization journey. Memorization of the Noble Quran takes effort and sincere commitment. However, the rewards from Allah are immense in this worldly life and Hereafter. 

Memorizing the Quran is a precious gift that God chooses to give to his sincere and true believers. It’s a miracle and blessing from Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala that you’re able to absorb the Qur’an. If you want to take advantage of this blessing, you should be in a position to receive it and therefore strive physically and spiritually to achieve it.

With our simple yet effective methodology, a student can memorize Quran by giving very little time. A school-going pupil can also achieve this great task if he/she has the determination, willpower, and interest to learn the Quran by heart.

Course Description

Did you know that the Holy Quran is the only book in the world that can be memorized word by word even by children and that too at a very young age??

So why miss the opportunity?! It’s the best gift that you can give to yourself and your children.

Allah bestows special blessings on the safe keeper of His divine message, the Quran. At Al-Rawadah Academy, we provide you with the guidance and support to achieve the sacred honor of becoming a Hafiz/Hafizah.

The Procedure:

1) New Memorization (New Lesson)

These are the number of lessons that you’ll memorize each day. Your teacher will help you in memorizing each lesson by heart.

2) Newly Memorized Portion (Sabaqi)

The number of verses of the Holy Quran which you’ve memorized in the last 10 to 20 day. Your teacher will listen to Sabaqi after every few days to ensure that you don’t forget what you have learned.

3) Old Memorization Portion

These are usually big chunks or portions of the Quran that you’ve learned over a period of a month. The teacher reviews and listens to the memorized portion to assess your progress.


There is no age limit for enrolling in any of the courses. Our teachers set realistic and attainable goals so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or exhausted during this beautiful spiritual journey of Quran memorization.

You can set class timings as per your convenience. However, we recommend that as a beginner, keep the timings to 30 minutes and then gradually increase the time. We use pre-planned easy techniques for fast memorization.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • Memorized the Quran with proper tajweed.
  • Understand the deeper meanings of the verses
  • An understanding of the stopping and pausing signs (Ramoozul Auqaf).
  • Knowledge about implementations of the stopping signs in the Quran.
  • Read and memorize surahs without making mistakes


It is impossible to memorize the Quran without proper guidance from an expert teacher. It requires unwavering commitment, utmost sincerity, and proper knowledge of the Quran and Arabic language for a teacher to help students Hifz the Holy Quran.

Alrawdah Academy is the best online academy for online Quran memorization course. Why? Because we choose only the best teachers to teach this course. Some of our teachers hold more than one Ijazah from Al-Azhar University and are experts in the field of Quranic education.