About US

About Alrawdah Academy

Reading and understanding the Arabic language, especially the Holy Quran is the most delightful spiritual journey that one can take. It is the language of the people of Paradise. As the Prophet said:  

“It shall be said – meaning to the one who memorized the Qur’an – ‘Recite, and rise up, recite (melodiously) as you would recite in the world. For indeed your rank shall be at the last Ayah you recited.”

Al-Rawadah Academy is an established and leading online Quran academy, founded by a team of most dedicated and hard-working Arab scholars. We are striving to provide you with the best online teaching experience. Our panel of experts includes teachers that hold Masters and Doctorates in the Arabic language. They have been teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for more than 10 years. 

Join us to choose from the various courses that we have to offer. Be it Quranic Tajweed, Quranic Memorization, or learning Arabic from scratch. Our advanced teaching methods and techniques ensure that students can learn with utmost zeal and vigor. We seek to provide you with the best possible Aalims/Aalimaas for your religious studies.

Our Vision

Islam has taught us that a Muslim is not short-sighted. He/She is clairvoyant and judicious. Keeping this doctrine in mind, we created Al-Rawadah Academy so that we can spread the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Quran even to the farthest corners of the world.

Students from around the world are benefiting from our services. We have promised ourselves to keep moving forward, to make religious education easy and accessible for all.

Our Mission

We aim to use the best technological facilities available for providing teaching services to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. We have left no stone unturned to design the best curriculum and teaching methods to spread the message of Islam.

We believe in the words of our Holy Prophet (PBUH): 

“Verily, Allah elevates some people with this Qur’an and abases others.”